Friday, April 16, 2010

Git :- Unrealized Productivity Gain

After showing a co-worker my workflow using Git integrated with Subversion, he pointed out a productivity gain that I am getting that I have been taking for granted.

When I was using Subversion, I would have multiple directories that would represent different code lines. I had a directory for the trunk, and a directory for each of the branches of code for our code base. On top of that, when I wanted to work in one of the other code lines, I would have to restart my IDE, and then point it to the correct code line. This did not take too long to do, however, considering the amount of times I jump between code lines, it was definitely time that was not well spent.

Using Git, I now only have one directory with all of my code. If I want to switch to a different branch, then all I have to do is perform a checkout of that branch, and refresh the code in my IDE. Simple, elegant, fast and effective.

Yet another reason why I am loving Git.


Chris said...

I don't get how people can still work with branches in CVS/SVN. I think most people stuck in their ways don't realize just how bad CVS/SVN are and just what they are missing out on.

My Boss for example found out I was using git locally and said something like, "Oh that is overkill", but it is not. SVN is underkill. In fact SVN doesn't really do any killing at all unless we are talking about the killing of people's spirits.

Carlus Henry said...


Consider yourself lucky. I have heard of places that would not even allow their developers to use git locally because it is not a "standard" of the organization.....