Monday, October 1, 2012

Interview with JavaWorld

Recently, I was given the honor of being interviewed by JavaWorld in a series called The Full Java Life.  In this interview I talk about various topics drawing on over 12 years of professional experience with Java and JEE.  This interview was a lot of fun, and I thank Matt Heusser for selecting me for this great opportunity.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Gmail stopped working on iPhone :- FIXED

Believe or not, for the past couple of weeks, Gmail has completely stopped working on my iPhone.  I have been scouring the internet to try to find out why this happened.  Just now, I finally found a solution to the problem.  Unfortunately, according to the docs, it is merely a temporary fix, and the issue will resurface again in the future.  However, this fix does work [1].

For brevity's sake, here are the instructions:

1.  On your phone, navigate to the following page:

2.  Now attempt to access you email through the iPhone

Once again, according to the place where I found this information, it appears as though this fix will last for about a couple of months before you have to apply it again.

Pay it forward!!!


Monday, May 21, 2012

GRWebDev :- Git 101 / Git-SVN Presentation

Just completed a presentation at Grand Rapids Web Developer tech group.  What an awesome group of folks.  I have pushed my presentation to Github.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Creating Git Patches for the Git-less

Recently, I have had to flex my git skills in a way that I have never had to do before.  I work for a client that does not use Git as their version control system of choice.  They use a product that starts with an 'S' and ends with a 'VN'.

Problem Statement
At times, there is code that I need to enhance, however, I do not have write permissions to.  If we were using Git, I would simply clone the project, create a branch for the specific feature, and once the feature was completed, have them pull from me.  However, this is not possible if the other team members are using SVN.  So how do you solve this issue?

Create a patch
The way to solve this problem is by creating a patch.  This patch cannot be just any patch, it has to be a patch that does not include all of the "Git" information.  Instead it is a patch that could be applied by using non-git tools.  Here are the instructions for creating such a patch:

1.)  Make sure you are on the feature branch where you just added your new feature.  For our purposes, we will say that it is feature_123.
2.)  This feature branch, let's say was created from the master branch.
3.)  In order to create a non-git friendly patch, you would enter the following command:  git diff --no-prefix master > feature_123.patch
4.)  You would then send this patch to someone that does have commit access to the repository.
5.)  They would apply the patch using their Editor of choice, or from the command line enter: patch -p0 < feature_123.patch

Happy Coding.