Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fixing Eclipse Ganymede Startup Problems

If by chance, you are like me, and the first time that you ran Eclipse Ganymede, you were greeted with an exception screen like this one:

Here are the steps necessary to resolve that issue:

1.) Navigate to your $ECLIPSE_HOME directory (the directory where you installed Eclipse)
2.) Copy your eclipse.ini file, for backup purposes
3.) Open your eclipse.ini file and modify it to look similar to this:

4.) Try to start up Eclipse again, and hopefully your problem should be solved

The main problem seems to be that the initial settings does not allocate enough memory for Eclipse to run. By adjusting the memory settings, by using the example eclipse.ini file that I have shown, you are giving Eclipse enough memory to start up.

This interesting thing is that this issue does not seem to affect all installations. The "vanilla" Eclipse Ganymede that I obtained from Eclipse worked on one of my machines, but not on another.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post! I also downloaded Ganymede and it wouldn't start on the first attempt. Found your post and was able to fix it. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic, thank you, this was the only info I could find on the problem, well done for making it available.

sri said...

Thanks. It wasn't the actual settings that corrected my problem (since I had exactly the same parameters as you did). It was that I had set MaxPermSize to 512m. Apparently

a) Eclipse grabs this amount at startup

b) my machine doesn't have that much to spare (don't ask)
Changing it to 256m fixed it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, may God bless you

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot. I had the same problem and had to leave with the default memory settings.