Thursday, May 3, 2007

Eclipse RCP Presentation

I am just completing a tour where I presented Eclipse SWT / JFace and RCP to both the Grand Rapids Java User Group (GRJUG), and the Ann Arbor Java User Group (AAJUG).There are a few items that I am going to change in the content, but overall, the impression the audience gave me was that they were pleased.

I have been fascinated with Eclipse and Eclipse RCP for many years now, but never really had an opportunity to learn more about it. At one point, I tried to teach myself the framework for a contract, but was intimidated and decided to put it on the shelf for later. (For that contract, I just used SWT directly instead of using the Rich Client Platform.) After recently attending a training session on Eclipse RCP, I have found new confidence in the technology, and I am looking for opportunities to gain more experience.

Are you currently doing thick client application development? If so, what kind of technologies are you using? Are you using a Rich Client Platform? Eclipse or Netbeans or other???

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