Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Apache Geronimo First Look...Impressive

I have a tendency to be curious about everything. Software development and design, is no exception. Lately my curiosity has led me to taking a look at Application Integration Solutions.

Examining the experience that I have with various integration techniques, (Socket Layer Communications, Remote Method Invocation, Web Services) I realized that the one that I was missing was Message Driven Beans (MDB). So I decided the other night to give both MDBs and Geronimo a try.

After installing Geronimo I immediately went to their Wiki to learn more about the deployment architecture. I was very surprised to find source code for an MDB, along with step-by-step instructions on how to build and deploy it. I was excited, but I tempered my excitement by recalling all of the other tutorials that I have gone through in the past, that reportedly worked at one point and time, but not when you were running it locally on your machine. Has anyone had this type of experience?

So I took a deep breath, and decided to walk through the tutorial anyways. Imagine my excitement when everything worked perfectly the first time without any problems. In under 20 minutes, I had a fully functional MDB deployed on Geronimo. Instead of wasting precious time, trying to investigate problems with Geronimo or the given source code, I could now start investing time into learning more about MDBs.

Special kudos to Lasantha Ranaweera, who I am assuming is the developer who wrote this great introductory example of working with MDBs, as well as the Wiki editor that put together such a nice tutorial on how to build and deploy this application on Geronimo. With this level of quality in both source code and documentation, I am planning on using Geronimo for all of my JEE adventures of curiousity.

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